Success Stories

Easy Wave Petunias Coral Reef
Fist time planting this color. Real nice color; love Waves.
Carol H from Colchester, CT
Spectacular endurance lasting into the Fall weather
A friend introduced the Wave petunias to me last year and I was impressed with their beauty and ease of taking care of them. They took care of themselves in our hot, dry summers.
Lucy from Wills Point, Texas
I love Wave plants | Thank you Wave
I bought Wave Petunias this planting season, cut back when got leggy, still going strong. I really love wave plants, they really last.
Bobbie from Carthage, MS

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Hardy little plants!
I've been buying Wave petunias for years for potting plants. Last year I decided to give it a whirl and plant some in my flower beds. They survived the mild winter here in the south and are just gorgeously dark purple!
Amy from South Carolina
Red wave
Today I bought a beautiful red Wave plant. I put it right by my hummingbird feeder. Won't they love to sip it.
Burdar from Phoenix, AZ
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