Which Wave Are You?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wave Team
Your Wave Petunia choice says a lot about your gardening style and personality. Want to know which Wave are you? Start by reviewing the six photos below. Then choose the one you find most appealing. Your quiz results will be found at the end.

Choice #1
Original Wave Purple:
You are a loyal Wave gardener, and you prefer to keep the status quo. Why improve on a classic? Wave Purple started it all, and it’s your go-to color.
Choice #2
The Flag Mix:
Neighbors feel your patriotic pride. You’re Red, White and Blue through and through. Your garden is the place to be on July 4th.
Choice #3
Easy Wave Blue:
Beds and baskets – you plant anywhere and everywhere! This Wave series is versatile for any gardening style or space, and you go with the flow.
Choice #4
Easy Wave Burgundy Star:
Patterns make the garden interesting. Stripes, stars and veins are what you gravitate to. Your design style keeps things lively – and adventurous! There’s always something to explore.
Choice #5
Easy Wave White:
Solid colors in the softer shades is what you prefer. Your garden is your sanctuary, and Easy Wave White with its contrasting green foliage keeps things elegant and classy.
Choice #6
Shock Wave Spark Mix:
Your garden is a painter’s palette of colors! You like to see a range of pinks, purples, reds and corals. Mix it up! Life’s too short for monochrome.
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