Cool Wave featured on 'Daytime'

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Claire Watson
This week I was thrilled to be the featured gardener on Daytime, a lifestyle TV show filmed in Tampa Bay, Fla. I spoke with host Cyndi Edwards about how easy it is to garden in the fall, and decorate the season with color and personality! Filming the segment was also a great chance to introduce gardeners to the new Cool Wave Pansies, which are available this fall at stores nationwide.
Here are a few photos of me on-set. You can see how gorgeous and spreading the Cool Wave Pansies are, filling the table with yellows, whites and purples right next to the orange pumpkins.

Fall weather is the perfect time for gardening activities, since there's warm days and cool nights. That's when you'll really see your cool-season plants come to life with crisp colors and dense foliage, like these Cool Wave Violet Wing pansies below.

To take your decorating to the next level, choose a small pot of pansies right from the store and insert it into a hollowed-out pumpkin. See my example below. I dressed it up even further with plastic spiders, ribbon and fall decor.

Another great way to expand your gardening season is to plant edibles along with your flowers. Here I've mixed lettuces and herbs right along with the Cool Wave Pansies. (Oh, and Cool Wave flowers are edible, too! A pleasant surprise for topping salads.)

Do you decorate for fall? We'd love to see photos! Comment below, or share photos at our Wave Photo Gallery.
For more fall gardening inspiration, check out the Wave How-To page. And watch for Cool Wave Pansies in stores soon! ~ Claire Watson

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