Success Stories

Red wave
Today I bought a beautiful red Wave plant. I put it right by my hummingbird feeder. Won't they love to sip it.
Burdar from Phoenix, AZ
I love Wave plants | Thank you Wave
I bought Wave Petunias this planting season, cut back when got leggy, still going strong. I really love wave plants, they really last.
Bobbie from Carthage, MS
New plant
I just bought my first Tidal Wave Silver Petunia. I love multi colored blooms. Can't wait to put it in a bigger pot and see it grows. It needs to be very hardy to withstand Houston summer heat and humidity. Plus we have a few hard freezes every winter.
Mark from Houston, Texas

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Gift of Enjoyment
Several years ago I was asked to trial the Cool Wave Pansies and was sent a semi flat of various colors. Since I do not have a garden but a nice front porch, I planted them in a large vase with drainage. I want everyone to know that this was such a gift, something I would have never thought of asking for but enjoyed their beauty every day. They seemed to look up at me and smile. Neighbors came by to comment on them. They bloomed all summer and into the autumn. Wish I could afford to give this gift to myself every year!
Jane from Highwood, IL
Never let me down!
I brought the Wave hanging baskets from over ten years. This year I purchased a planter box 5 ft x 2 ft. Email the Wave Customer, who suggested using plastic water bottles at the bottom before adding soil. All I can say is WOW!
Tina F from Chicago, IL
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